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2012 Mandatory Requirements
2012 New Hire Associates

Course Due Date
2012 HCH Orientation Enrichment ONLINE (EPATH) Within 30 days of Hire
2012 Corporate Compliance (EPATH)
Within 30 days of Hire
Department Orientation Confirmation (EPATH) Within 30 days of Hire
2012 The Power of a Healing Presence
*Live class - click here for schedule
December 31, 2012
Ministry Formation**
*Live class - click here for schedule
Within 3 years
Unit-Specific Competencies (vary by department) Within 90 days of Hire

NOTE: 2012 Risk Management (online) is NOT a requirement for New Hires
**HCMG Associates will have a Ministry Formation program specifically designed for them.  They do NOT have to take the Ministry Formation program currently in place. Be on the look out for announcement about the program..

Epath Login

EPATH Login Instructions

Unit-Specific Competencies

Obtain the list of required unit-specific competencies for your department from your manager/supervisor or the Learning Center.  Your competency list will indicate whether the competency is online through EPATH or SWANK, whether it is a Live class, or whether it is Skill-based.

NOTE: Please consult with your manager or clinical practice nurse regarding completion of a skill-based competency.

Ministry Formation

Completion of Ministry Formation courses are required of every Associate annually. Please click on the School of Spiritual Development for more information