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HCH Associate EPATH Login Instructions

All online mandatory education requirements and unit or department-specific competencies are available through the EPATH system.

1) Click on "EPATH LOGIN" button below.
2) Learner ID: Your Associate number
3) Password: first initial of first name + full last name + Associate number
*For Associates hired in or after June 2007, use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for password;
(ex. MJONES12345)
*For Associates hired before 2007, use small letters for password; (ex. asmith1234)


EPATH Instructions

For assistance: Click on Get Help link on the EPATH login page and provide all information requested. DO NOT call HC-IS Help Desk.

For physician login, please contact Gwenn Shapiro, CME Coordinator, at (954) 776-3234 or send an email to gwenn.shapiro@holy-cross.com to request for login information.