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2012 Mandatory Education
Students and Faculty

Students and Faculty are required to complete annually, the mandatory online orientation in the EPATH system prior to the start of the clinical rotation. This is in compliance with regulatory, accreditation, and organizational requirements. Faculty and Students can self register to the EPATH system. Please click on the First Time Registration button at the bottom of this page and complete the registration form as directed.

- Complete the HCH Orientation requirements as listed below. This has to be completed annually.
- Complete the Student Affiliation Information sheet and email to darlene.titus@holy-cross.com (for nursing) or to the appropriate HCH department leader. This has to be completed with each clinical group and will confirm that the specified records are in your institution's file.
- Collect the students' printout of EPATH transcript showing completion of all orientation requirements and keep it with your school file.
- If this is your first clinical rotation at Holy Cross, contact Wyndie Morrill at wyndie.morrill@holy-cross.com to schedule a Meditech orientation class. You will be required to complete the Meditech Computer-based Training (CBT) in EPATH before attending the class.
- Verify your CCPS placement through your school. HCH uses the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) to accept or decline clinical assignment requests.
- Read Holy Cross Policy on Clinical Responsibilities of Nursing Students and Faculty.
- For preceptor assignment/inquiries, contact darlene.titus@holy-cross.com;
- For CCPS scheduling, contact naomi.mora@holy-cross.com.

Meal time:
- Please schedule meal time early at 11:00am or later at 1:30pm.
- This will allow the hospital staff to get through the cafeteria in a timely manner. The cafeteria gets too crowded at noontime.
Security-Badge Access:
- Send a list of students' names to Security prior to the start of clinical rotation so that badges can be made ahead of time. Fax the completed Security Access Request form and student list to Security at 954-492-5750.
- Collect and return the badges to Security at the end of the clinical rotation.
Booking a conference room:
- Call Rose Booth at 954-492-5761 ext. 5761. Please give enough time when requesting a room since the rooms get booked fast.
- Contact the Learning Center at 954-776-3267 ext. 3267 for other room reservations.
Contacting the Unit Manager:
- For unit-specific orientation, please make arrangements with the unit manager. Call the Learning Center for the unit manager phone number or email address.

- Self register to the EPATH system by clicking on the First Time Registration button. Follow the instructions on the form as directed.
- Complete the HCH Orientation requirements as listed below. This has to be done annually.
- Print your transcript showing completion of all requirements and submit it to your instructor.
- Complete the Meditech Computer-based Training (CBT)-for nursing and if not previously completed.
- Read HCH's policy on Clinical Responsibilities of Nursing Students and Faculty.

The following is the list of 2012 mandatory requirements for Students and Faculty

STU.12 HCH Orientation Enrichment
STU.12 Risk Management
STU.12 Corporate Compliance
STU.12 Code of Conduct & Confirmation
STU.12 Direct Healthcare Provider Competency
STU.12 Nondisclosure Agreement
CBT.11 Meditech PCS Course and Post Test
(Nursing Faculty and Students ONLY)

Student/Faculty Parking: Parking regulations are strictly enforced!
- All students/faculty must park at HCH Employee Parking Garage on the 5th to 7th level.
- Lower levels are for the hospital staff.
- DO NOT park in Patient/Visitor parking areas.

Student Uniform
Students must wear appropriate uniform and name tag at all times while on duty at Holy Cross Hospital.

Learning Center
If you plan to print materials, please bring your paper supplies. Call the Learning Center for further assistance.

Forms & Instructions

EPATH Login Instructions for orientation and Meditech CBT course
Student Affiliation Information Sheet

Security Access Request
Student Rotation File Checklist

Clinical Responsibilities Policy
HCH Employee Parking Garage Map

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