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HCH Associates Swank Login Instructions

1) Click on "SWANK LOGIN" button below if you have your System ID and Password.
2) System ID: Note change in format. hc + your Associate number, for example, hc12345.
3) Password: Call the Learning Center at (954) 776-3267; please change your password once you are logged in.

NOTE: Take courses within your discipline. Read the course syllabus to make sure the course is approved by your respective board for continuing education credit.

**Once logged in, please DO NOT change your System ID since it is your unique identifier. If you are a licensed professional, provide your license information under My Profile so that proper credit can be sent to CE Broker.

Swank Login

SWANK Instructions **Note change in Swank ID format

Swank Healthcare offers continuing education courses online, offering contact hours for several specialties (including nursing, respiratory therapy, radiologic technology, etc.). Swank online courses are video-based; therefore, headphones or speakers are required in order to view the courses. You may check out a DVD from the Learning Center.

Swank reports contact hour credits to CE Broker monthly..

Additional online continuing education resource for Holy Cross Associates:

  • Registration Instructions for Philips Learning Center HCH id #: 42393467
  • Must use HCH email address!
  • Phillips Login