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2012 Mandatory Education
Traveler/Agency/Independent Contractor

All Traveler, Agency, and Independent Contractors or Personnel are required to complete an online Holy Cross Hospital orientation through the EPATH system. This is in compliance with regulatory, accreditation, and organizational requirements.

Certificates of completion or a copy of EPATH transcript showing the completion of all the requirements must be provided to the appropriate department leader where you will be working.

You are pre-registered to the first five courses in this list. These are posted on your home page under Current Courses when you log in to the EPATH system.

  • HCH Orientation Enrichment
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Code of Conduct and Confirmation
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Direct Healthcare Provider Competency (Clinical Positions Only)
  • Unit-Specific Competencies (Vary by Department)
  • Contact your manager or coordinator to obtain your EPATH Learner ID and Password.

    Your manager or coordinator will provide you with a list of other requirements such as unit-specific competencies and direct healthcare competencies as applicable..


    EPATH Login Instructions
    Agency/Contractor Employee Profile